How To Prompt User Input With Python

In this blog post, we will learn how to prompt a user to provide input and save it into a variable.


Capturing input from users is a very common task, and for that reason, Python has a built-in function. To prompt a user for an input we use the input() function.

Prompt and Print Input

In the following example, I am prompting an input using the input function and saving the result to a variable called value. In the last line of the code, I’m printing the input to the console.

print("Enter a value:", end=' ')
value = input() 
print(f"The value that you typed is {value}")

To capture an integer we need to use the following code which will convert string input to an integer.

value = int(input()) 

With can also be the prompt in the input function as shown below.

value = input("Enter a value:")

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