How To Create a C# 9 Console Application

This post will show you how to create a console application on Linux or Windows machine.


With .NET 5, creating a C# 9 application has gotten easier and simpler and only requires a single command. The following command will create a C# console application called myfirstapp

dotnet new console --name myfirstapp

The output of the command is shown below. If you look closely, you will see that it uses the “Console Application” temple, which is used to create a C# application.

To create an ASP.NET core application we would use the mvc template.

The template "Console Application" was created successfully.

Processing post-creation actions...
Running 'dotnet restore' on myfirstapp/myfirstapp.csproj...
  Determining projects to restore...
  Restored /home/abbs/myfirstapp/myfirstapp.csproj (in 135 ms).
Restore succeeded.

Once the application has been created, you will see a folder with the following items in it. Program.cs is the actual application. myfirstapp. csproj is the project file for the application.



To run the newly created application, I will run the following command from inside the folder (myfirstapp).

dotnet run myfirstapp

The output should look like

Hello World!
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